Picture of LightFab 3D Printer
LightFab 3D Printer for glass precision parts, with laser safety and vibration isolation

3D Printer for fastest Direct Laser Writing in transparent material

LightFab 3D Printer for fastest laser direct writing inside transparent materials: Integrated are an ultrafast laser, fast glavanometer scanner, precise stages, fast focusing and a microscope camera
LightFab 3D Printer for fastest laser direct writing inside transparent materials

The LightFab 3D Printer is an extremely fast and precise table top machine for direct laser writing of transparent materials. The system can be used for applications such as micro fluidics, micro mechanics, integrated optics and other applications that require high precision, high resolution 3D microstructures. The LightFab 3D Printer is designed for fastest automatic 3D printing by our CAD/CAM software. It is perfect for Direct Laser Writing processes such as multi photon polymerization of 3D polymer micro structures, 3D waveguide writing by ultrafast laser inscription, 3D lithography in fused silica glass by selective laser-induced etching, internal welding of glass, and micro structuring by precision ablation with e.g. 1 µm focus diameter.

The LightFab 3D Printer includes a fast galvanometer scanner, a precision axis system, a fast and ultraprecise focusing module, a 2W fs-laser (1030 or 515 nm wavelength), various microscope objectives, microscope camera, and auto focus inside a table-top case. The included PC and the electronics are delivered in a separate electrical cabinet.

To automatically produce 3D parts with the LightFab 3D Printer the laser track data is generated directly in the CAD software. You may easily tune the 3D geometry e.g. to compensate for process specific shrinkage or over-etching and you may use different processing parameters for contour and hatching. Furthermore, you may conveniently check the 3D scan job inside the CAD software and modify individual vectors or you may use our integrated process specific tools. For highest productivity you may use the CAD software in your office to generate the complex 3D scan jobs conveniently and export them in the well-proven sll-format or the new efficient slb-format. In the lab you may load both formats in the GUI machine software and execute the 3D scan-job automatically to save valuable laser beam time. The included machine driver LightFabScan is optimized for fastest execution of the scan job layer-by-layer controlling the components of the system with µs precision and maximum efficiency.

For most efficient process development with the LightFab 3D printer you may use the included GUI software Scan2D for quick drawing/writing and you may use the integrated powerful script language for automatic variation of most important processing parameters.

Inside the CAD software you may automatically generate and manually modify your 3D scan job
Automatic generation of 3D scan job in the CAD software importing plenty common 3D file types.