3D microfluidic chip with hose connectors and variable diameters, machined inside the bulk of fused silica directly from CAD data - without bonding or gluing
Mikrofluidic device for antibiotic resistance test (cooperation with Fraunhofer ILT))

We produce your 3D design in fused silica glass by digital production using laser technology.

From CAD data a gear is produced inside fused silica
assembled turning gear; source: Fraunhofer ILT & LLT der RWTH Aachen

We produce for you complex, transparent components with our new laser production process selective laser-induced etching (SLE).

Digital printing directly from 3D-CAD data is possible by means of SLE.

We offer you the production of glass micro-parts spanning from prototypes, small and large lot sizes or enable you to produce the parts on your own using our micro scanners.

Our offer comprises the production of micro-machined, complex glass parts e.g for medical diagnosis, precision mechanics and optics as prototype, series or even in mass production


We offer the machine for efficient production of 3D glass parts

3D micro scanner with integrated yx-table, fast focusing and microscope
LightFab 3D Printer

The 3D printers are based on our micro scanners, which are designed for fastest movement of a micrometer laser focus in 3D inside the glass. With our software we enable digital production directly from CAD data. Our offer covers flexible micro scanners for the production of all sorts of prototypes and small batch series as well as high-speed scanners, optimized for mass production of a glass part with high throughput.

Our LightFab 3D Printer consists of a micro scanner with fast focusing, a 3-axis system for stepping, an integrated microscope, and a powerful USP-laser in a housing: LightFab 3D Printer

We integrate our system technology with suitable ultra-fast lasers and linear stages into your production line. In addition we support you in process development for special structures, new materials as well as higher throughput.